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frequently Asked Questions

PUCEWhy integrating the principles of the sustainable development is important?

With the current population growth, if we just let things go on, soon, there will be not enough resources to meet our consumption. Apart from that, through our daily activities, we also pollute the air and the sea. This threatens not only us but also all living beings on earth.

It is time to change our habits; it is time to be more responsible, it’s time to live green!

PUCEWhat can I do to preserve the planet?

We cannot pretend that we won’t have any impact on the environment anymore, but at least we can reduce it. Each of us is responsible to his level and can do something.

We must adopt environmental friendly practices!

Adopt an environmental behavior means that in our daily lives, we will realize the consequences of our activities on the environment and the social dimension.

There are many opportunities to respond to sustainable development. In any case, it is to change bad habits by avoiding overconsumption, waste, saving energy, focusing on recycling and using environmental friendly products.

Ecosystem is committed to sustainable development; our innovation focused on green chemistry witnesses this engagement.

PUCEHow can we say that Ecosystem products are environmentally friendly?

–        The Ecosystem products are made from renewable raw materials of plant origin.

–        By Ecocert certification, there is a control on the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of products, the manufacturing process to the finished products

–        The Ecosystem products are biodegradable up to 90% in 28 days.

–        The use of an Ecosystem product actively contributes to the reduction of greenhouse

PUCEWhat is a biodegradable product?

A biodegradable product is a product which, after use is decomposed naturally as it is digested by micro-organisms. The product therefore does not keep unchanged but will blend in with the natural environment after a few days depending on the speed of biodegradability.

PUCEOn the shelves, there are a variety of so-called “ecological or green!”  products, how to choose the right?

Indeed, the word “green or ecological” attracts attention and sells many products, but we should know the difference.

A product can be called a green product if part of its composition or its packaging complies with the environmental requirements.

A product called eco-friendly is a product which, a part of its life cycle respects environmental requirements.

Only certified products by regulatory bodies such as Ecocert, like Ecosystem products undergo strict control over the entire production process and follow the standards set by this organization.

PUCEWhat does mean the Ecocert certification?

Ecocert certification means that Ecosystem products follow the specific specifications for ecological detergents initiated by this organization.

It assures consumers that Ecosystem products are:

–        Coming of assets and excipients having a minimal impact on the environment

–        Coming from surfactants of vegetable origin

–        Biodegradable at least 60% in 28 days

PUCEIs a green product less effective?

At one time, we doubted the effectiveness of environmentally friendly products. But thanks to its unique formulations, ECOSYSTEM products have demonstrated through an international test (Gardner test) that each product is at least as effective as conventional products while having a limited environmental impact. Proven performance at 98% for the Ecosystem washing base against 80% for the petrochemical industry.

PUCEIs a green product more economical?

The idea of ecology is not only to use products from vegetable raw materials but also to limit the exploitation of these natural resources. This implies that products must be effective even in small quantities so much more economical.

PUCEIn short, what is my interest to use an Ecosystem product?

–        The Ecosystem products are as effective or more than conventional ones

–        The Ecosystem products are from plant origin, therefore not dangerous to my   health

–        The Ecosystem products are more economical

–        The Ecosystem products meet my needs while preserving the environment

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