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Dishwashing liquid

Ultra gentle cleansing base with excellent wetting power and detergents. This product removes dirt usually encountered when cleaning dishes: protein, starch, sliquide vaisselleugar, fat

An environmental friendly formulation:
The dishwashing liquid is made up of agents derived from corn and coconut surfaces. It contains no phosphates, ammonia or petrochemical solvents, and h
as minimal impact on the environment. The formulation is enhanced by ultra-soft hypoallergenic plant complex for maximum hydration and maintaining the physiological balance of the skin.
Complies with the Decree of September the 8th, 1999 on the cleaning materials that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

Fields of application:
Ideal for manual cleaning of cookware used by communities, restoration, food and food industries, etc….

Manual cleaning of cookware
Lightly soiled dishes: 2.5 ml or ½ teaspoon of product
Dirty dishes: 5 ml of product or 1 teaspoon of product.
To wash more efficiently, save water and energy and protect the environment, immerse the dishes instead of hosing tap and follow the recommended doses. Efficient washing does not require a large amount of foam.
The 500 ml bottle allows for up to 100 wash baths for 5 liters of dirty dishes. Proper dosage saves money and reduces the impact of the product on the environment.
For the dishwashing liquid when water flows.
NB: dilution with warm or hot water increases the results of degreasing. In the end, rinse with clear water