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Waterless cleaner

The multi-surface waterless cleaner can wash, polish and prosanseau500ml VEGECRAtect any smooth surface without a need of a single drop of water!
An environmental friendly formulation:
It’s composed by agents derived from wheat and vegetable waxed products. It contains no phosphates, ammonia or petrochemical solvents, and has minimal
impact on the environment.
The formulation is enhanced by ethanol obtained by wheat-beet fermentation for instant
solubilization of dirt. This product thoroughly removes dirt, adds shine and protection to the body without the use of water, it can clean any part of your car. Does not contain silicone.

Fields of application: Any smooth surface

How to use:Ready to use.
Spray from 30cm directly onto the soiled surfaces. Progress through these small surfaces. Wipe off immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Then, without waiting, polish with a clean cloth. No water needed!