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Glass Cleaner

The glass cleaner is perfect to eliminate stains present on windows and other flat surfaces. It is composed of an ultra soft washing base derived from agricultural by-products which confers to it a remarkable effectiveness for the elimination of all types of stains: insects, grease stains and atmospheric pollution, nicotine etc residues…. There is no deterioration of paintings, plastics, panels, rubbers, metals,…

An environmental friendly formulation:

The window cleaner is made of surfactants environmentally friendly. It does not contain any phosphates or ammoniac, or solvents from petrochemical, and presents a minimum impact on the environment.

How to use: Cleaning of windows, mirrors, windshield, plastics, smooth surfaces…
Ready to use.
Spray at 20 cm of surface to be cleaned.

Recommandations: Do not wash surfaces while directly facing the sun