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Odor destroyer

VEGEODOR is a mixture of surfactants, bacteria and enzymes obtained by natural fermentation. Bio-surfactants solubilize fats, enzymes cut them into small molecules, and bacteria digest
them and destroy them so leaving a smell-free environnement.

Fields of application:
VEGEODOR first develops a fresh fragrance to provide a neutral odor, then the enzymes degrade organic molecules responsible for odors , and finally the aerobic bacteria grows with the flora to prevent the reoccurrence of odors. Domestic interiors cars, buses, trams or trains.
Ideal for destroying odors (urine, tobacco, kitchen odors, fish … ) . Can be used on textiles or in the atmosphere , it can also be used without sanitary toilets , urinals, space garbage , trash ,empty trash , but also for showers , bathtubs and sinks.

How to use:

Product ready to use. Car, bus, tram, train … spray in the air or on surfaces and impregnated textiles. In case of persistent odors, repeat the operation.
Trash, garbage, empty, space garbage: Spray VEGEODOR on the walls of the empty-garbage bins emptied and their contents on the walls and floors of buildings.