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Concentrated disinfectant cleaner

Purpose disinfectant cleaner lowdesinfectantconcentre foaming for hard surfaces cleaning. Dissolves grease particles and disinfects simultaneously by a bactericide, fungicide and virucidal action.

An environmental friendly formulation:
Formulated with eco-surfactants, mint essential oil, natural and plant origin materials.
Dissolves all fat very efficiently and effortlessly, without a trace. Also very effective on protein spots. Effectiveness of disinfection condition dirt proven.
Complies with the Decree of September the 8th, 1999 on the cleaning materials that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

Fields of application:
Cleaning and disinfection of all types even sensitive surfaces, PVC, stainless steel, stratified or painted surfaces, communities, hospitals, CHR, homes and food processing industries (floors, walls, hobs, hoods, insulated vehicles, cold rooms, carpets, …) by mechanical or manual application.

How to use:

Dilute the product to 3% in water, applied with a mop or sponge on the floor or surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected. Leave for 5 minutes * for bactericidal, fungicidal and * 15 minutes for a virucidal action *. For surfaces in contact with food, rinse with water after this time.