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WC gel

Ultra gentle cleansing base with excellent wetting power and detergents. This product cleans and descale toilet bowls.

An environmental friendly formulation: WC gel is composed of agents derived from wheat surfaces. It contains no phosphates or ammonia or petrochemical solvents, and has a minimal impact on the environment.
Advantages: With a proven efficiency, this product has a minimum impact on aquatic life due to its optimal biodegradability. Cleans and removes limescale. The formulation contains organic acids and suitable for septic tanks.
Fields of application:
Ideal for toilets cleaning.

How to use:

Open the container by pressing two smooth parts of the safety cap and turn at the same time. Uniformly applying the product on the walls and under the rim of the bowl. Leave at least 15 minutes. If necessary scrub with a toilet brush and pull the flush. For very dirty bowl, leave the product overnight and pull the flush.