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Why choose Ecosystem OI ?

The traditional knowledge related to technological innovation and green
chemistry: first worldwide

–        Use of renewable raw materials.

–        Participation in reducing greenhouse gases.

–        Eco-design of ingredients and finished products.

–        Asset selection and innovative excipients having a minimal impact on the environment.

With the use of innovative active ingredients, the eco-friendly cleanings Ecosystem demonstrate a superior or at least an equivalent efficiency compared to products derived from petrochemicals. They are simple to use and practice with proper packaging.

PROVEN PERFORMANCE: soiling removed from hard surfaces *Gardner test












BIODEGRADATION OF PRODUCTS : 90% in only 28 days !













BIOCOMPATIBILITY : The basic wash products used are plant-derived. They are therefore less aggressivefor the skin and are guaranteed to contain no carcinogenic,mutagenic and reprotoxic chemicals (CMR).






Demonstrated by an internationally recognized test: Red Blood Cell test